Sustainability Assessment in Rural Water Supply Systems

This project aimed to develop a tool based on Multi-criteria Analysis to identify indicators and assess the sustainability of a rural water supply system. The indicators were grouped into relevant attributes such as Infrastructure, Water quality, Financial knowledge, Environmental impact of technology, and Post-construction support, to name a few examples. The data used for the assessment was gathered through interviews, technical inspections, surveys, water quality analyses, and participatory workshops involving the local community.  Results indicate strong appropriateness and acceptability by the users but also highlight problems related to the lack of financial knowledge, training, and technical problems.


Domínguez, I.; Oviedo-Ocaña, E.R.; Hurtado, K.; Barón, A.; Hall, R.P. Assessing Sustainability in Rural Water Supply Systems in Developing Countries Using a Novel Tool Based on Multi-Criteria Analysis. Sustainability 2019 11, 5363.