Analysis of Land Use Change on Water Supply and Regulation Services

The impact of human activities on water supply and regulation services is hard to measure in rural areas due to data scarcity and the climate’s strong spatiotemporal patterns. In this study, the hydrological response of Andean catchments was analyzed using hydrological indices and pairwise comparisons. The data included hydrometeorological information and streamflow time series. The results indicate a reduction of 55.6% and 32.3% in water supply and regulation services, respectively, in a catchment with the human intervention compared to a natural catchment.


Celis, A.; Oviedo-Ocaña, E; Barón, A. (2021, September 29-October 1) Advances in the analysis of land use on water supply and regulation services provided by paramos. [Paper presentation]. 64th International Congress: Water, Sanitation, Environment and Renewable Energies, Bogotá D.C. Colombia.